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Color the Wind 2017
Saturday, February 18
11 am to 4 pm
Downtown Seawall, Clear Lake, Iowa 
All changes or cancellation will be recorded here prior to the day of the event 


Ice conditions on Clear Lake as reported by the Iowa DNR:   18 to 20 inches on the little lake and 17-19 inches on the big lake.  Looking good so far for Color the Wind!

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Larry & Kay Day Welcome You to Color the Wind

This is how it all began.....a vacation in Door County, Wisconsin and the discovery of the little kite shop there.  We stopped in at the Fish Creek Kite Company to buy simple little kites for our grandchildren never dreaming that we would be the ones to become addicted to the sport!  I remember Larry's words as we left the shop, having seen a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices of the kites available.  "Anyone who pays more than $120 for a kite is crazy".  Before the week was out, he was back to buy a bigger, more complex (and expensive) kite for himself. 

That winter, we traveled to Madison, WI for "Kites on Ice".  We were in awe of what we experienced there and the wheels started turning....."We have kites, we have a lake that freezes in the winter, WE could have a winter kite festival right here in Clear Lake, Iowa!  So we did!  The first Color the Wind festival was held in February of 2001 and, with the exception of one year when the lake didn't freeze, we've been doing it ever since!

Color the Wind is now the largest winter kite festival in the Midwest with serious kite flyers from 8 states traveling here to display their collections of unique kites, banners and ground displays.  Stunt kite teams flying two and four line kites perform kite dances choregraphed to music. And it's FREE!  Folks gather along the seawall and out on the frozen lake to enjoy the show, getting their hot food and beverages from the lunch wagon on site.  Some bring their grills and picnic "tailgate" style!  It's a great day with crowds in past years up to about 7,000 people.

It's all made possible by your contributions and those of local civic groups, businesses, the City of Clear Lake and the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks to eveyone who has been so supportive of this good, clean family entertainment! 


Come to Color the Wind and meet "Buddy"!