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What a Fantastic Day!
Larry and I are absolutely astounded at the numbers of people who turned out for Color the Wind 2018!  It's hard to estimate how many came, but cars were parked on the streets for blocks around, the city and church parking lots were full all day as was the Surf parking lot!  We have never seen so many people out on the lake enjoying the day!  Local restaurants report record breaking receipts with one actually running out of food!  The number of "hits" on this website between Feb. 1 and Feb 18 totaled nearly 84,000!
 The public reception at the Clear Lake Arts Center was very well attended and Lee Cowan and Mark Hudspeth spent several hours there shaking hands and visiting with people.  At the kids' kitemaking workshop on Saturday morning, 116 kids made their own kites and decorated them beautifully.  CBS Sunday Morning spent most of the day Friday at our home interviewing us and filming and were at the kite festival, on the ice filming and doing interviews all day Saturday. 


Color the Wind 2018 was  featured on CBS Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM Central time on Sunday, March 25th.






Lee Cowan from CBS Sunday Morning spent most of day prior to the festival at our home to interview us.  He, producer Mark Hudspeth and their sound and camera crew made us very comfortable with the whole process.  Perfect gentlemen,all!



To see the CBS Sunday Morning Video, click HERE


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