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Color the Wind 2018
Saturday, February 17, 2018
11 am to 4 pm 
10 N. Lakeview Drive
Clear Lake, Iowa

Color the Wind 2018 will be featured on CBS Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM Central time on Sunday, March 25th.
If you live in a different time zone, please check your TV listings. 


Here some links to videos of Color the Wind 2018: 

Color the Wind video 2018 Michael/Christopher Sherman

Color the Wind 2018 Bruce McKee

Clear Lake Kite Festival 2018 dakgeo

Here are links to what  bloggers had to say about Color the Wind:





What a Fantastic Day!
Larry and I are absolutely astounded at the numbers of people who turned out for Color the Wind 2018!  It's hard to estimate how many came, but cars were parked on the streets for blocks around, the city and church parking lots were full all day as was the Surf parking lot!  We have never seen so many people out on the lake enjoying the day!  Local restaurants report record breaking receipts with one actually running out of food!  The number of "hits" on this website between Feb. 1 and Feb 18 totaled nearly 84,000!
 The public reception at the Clear Lake Arts Center was very well attended and Lee Cowan and Mark Hudspeth spent several hours there shaking hands and visiting with people.  At the kids' kitemaking workshop on Saturday morning, 116 kids made their own kites and decorated them beautifully.  CBS Sunday Morning spent most of the day Friday at our home interviewing us and filming and were at the kite festival, on the ice filming and doing interviews all day Saturday.  The tentative date for the program to air is Sunday, March 25th.  I will post any change in this here on this page.
Be sure to check back often!  I'll be adding photos of Color the Wind 2018 as they become available.  We'll also be posting "thank you" notes to all those who helped make this event a success! 

ctw2018ronmiles6.jpg Thank you, Ron Miles, for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

2018dodson4.jpgChris Dodson's picture proves it!
Pigs DO fly! 



Lee Cowan, CBS Sunday Morning,  interviewed us in our home the day before
the festival. The CBSIMGP8507.JPG producer, Mark Hudspeth, Craig and Mike (the 
sound and video technicians) came at 8:30 AM for setup.  Lee came at about 11:30 to begin the interview.  All in all,
they were done with this at about 2:30.  Craig and Mike stayed into the evening, putting everything away and my
furniture back in place while Lee and Mark joined us for the reception at the Clear Lake Arts Center.
They joined us and our invited guest kite fliers for breakfast and then we were all off to the lake to get the festival started!  CBS stayed with us
throughout the day, filming and interviewing people and left only after we had finished tearing down and putting things back in
order in the Lakeview Room.  They, like our kite fliers, were a joy to work with!.....and they loved Clear Lake!














27868074_10212002706722745_8934442559523207988_n.jpg Don and Betty Murphy always bring lots of fun to Color the Wind!  Their bouncy caterpillar is a BIG hit with the kids who love to play under it!






ctw2018timlynn.jpg Our good friends Tim and Lynn Warren who came all the way from Paw Paw, Michigan to help us out!  Tim is one of "Larry's Lackeys and Lynn made lots of young ones happy by helping them make their own kites at the Arts Center!

First time out of the bag for Michael Sherman's new Gecko!27867651_1646160085510734_1092791397403068017_n.jpg





Who else but someone named Sean Beaver would own this one?  Thanks for coming all the way from Missouri, Sean and Stephanie!ctw2018ronmiles3.jpg

28166493_10155233156068062_1141108116403995157_n.jpg You maka me DIZZY!

Fire 'n Ice Alchemy stunt kite team demonstrating their routines for CBS Sunday Morning's Lee Cowanctw2018ronmiles5firenice.jpg

Oh, my!  That is one heck of a lot of horsepower!28167229_10155234590948062_6042523727420408017_n.jpg

Mr Kite, aka Craig Christensen, chatting with Lee Cowan from CBS Sunday Morningctw2018craigc2.jpg

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