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Summer Festivals
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Larry and I take part in a number of kite festivals each year.  Here are just a few photos we've taken at some of those festivals.


Flights of Fancy in Lee's Summit, MO

Kites Over Lake Michigan

Kites Over Lake Michigan

Wings on Strings, Jamestown,ND

Wings on Strings, Jamestown, ND
This is another of our favorites and we try to be there every year!  Organizer Mike Gee makes sure we have a nice variety of kites there. 
A highlight of the two day event are the kid's activities like "running with the bols", candy drops and making kid's kites.  We love it! 

An awesome stack of 5 at Wings on Strings!

Kites Over Lake Michigan
 This is one of our favorite festivals!  We fly the kites right on the beach.  More than 20,000 people attend each year, bringing all their beach gear along to enjoy the beach, swimming and the kites all at the same time! 
We often see large boats come close to shore to get a better view of the kites.  There is music, food and even night time entertainment when we light sky lanterns and release them for the wind to carry over the lake.  Beautiful! 
The organizer of this event is Chow Chong, owner of UFO (Unique Flying Objects) kite shop nearby.  This two day festival takes place every Labor Day weekend in Two Rivers, WI.


Wings on Strings, Jamestown,ND

Kites Over Lake Michigan


These are only a few of the kite festivals in which we've been involved.  We love the cameraderie of the kite flyers and the enjoyment of the people who come to see us fly!  Larry almost always has a few kites in the van, ready to fly if we find a good spot on our travels.  He has flown kites over a glacier in Alaska, over both the Atlantic and Pacific and at Kitty Hawk, NC; from Florida to Maine and from Southern California to Seattle,WA!  Our hearts soar along with the kites no matter where we are!  Try it!  You'll like it! 


Steady winds...time to rest out of the sun!

Banners really add to the festive atmosphere!